Review – Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron

Hey everybody, James B. Boss here with my latest game review. This time, we got Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron, which is the sequel to the previous entry in the series, War for Cybertron. Two years ago, the  High Moon Studios introduced gamers and fans of the series to their take on the Transformers universe through Transformers: War for Cybertron, which is considered a prologue to the overall series, because it tells the story of the war between the Heroic Autobots and the Evil Decepticons before they came to Earth. War for Cybertron did its job by pleasing both gamers and fans with its gameplay and story but at the same time left them craving for more. Two years later, High Moon Studios released its long awaited sequel, Fall of Cybertron, with the hopes that it too would satisfy gamers and fans alike.


Fall of Cybertron’s story takes place after the events of the previous chapter where we last saw Optimus Prime and his fellow Autobot warriors constructing the Ark, which would let them escape and find a new hope of survival. However, Megatron finds this unacceptable (because he’s Megatron) and decides to thwart the Autobots plans of escape. As the story progresses, you will be able to witness the many wonders (or in this case, wreckage) of Cybertron. Graphics in this game are as spot-on as the previous game, to the point where they compliment the metallic coloring of the Transformers and the planet Cybertron so the characters really look like denizens of the planet. The sounds in this game are also incredible. From firing a gun to hearing a character transform to vehicle mode, everything sounds exactly like it should. Additional amounts of nostalgic awesome were added by the fact that legendary voice actors Peter Cullen and Gregg Berger came back to voice Optimus Prime and Grimlock, respectively. Fall Of Cybertron also introduces other characters from the Transformers series such as Jazz, Cliffjumper, Shockwave, the Combaticons and the Dinobots.


Like WFC (War for Cybertron), FOC is played in third-person view but there have been a few slight cosmetic tweaks. For starters, the displays for your life gauge and ammo count are now located at the bottom of the screen and you now have a rechargeable shield that stands between you and unbelievable pain. Aiming, transforming and shooting are pretty much the same as the last outing, so there’s no need to have to learn any wacky new control schemes. During story mode, you can acquire different weapons by finding their blueprints hidden throughout the stages and purchasing them at the Teletraan-1 store. The play style for all the story mode characters is pretty much the same run-and-shoot deal until you get to play as Bruticus and Grimlock. Both have an entirely different play style from the rest and can cause massive havoc and carnage, making them the highlights of the game’s campaign mode. Bruticus attacks by using his flamethrower, melee and trigger ability, all of which do massive amounts of damage. Grimlock on the other hand, fights using his sword, shield and of course his Mechagodz, er, I mean Dino form. Sadly, these two are only playable in story mode, but the multiplayer section of the game has enough customization perks to turn your own Transformer into a war machine in their own right. Character customization is back and it too has gone through some improvements. In the previous game, players were only able to choose the body of your avatar and change its color. Now, players can change their character’s head, arms, legs and even the wheels and wings. Additional parts for your character can be unlocked by purchasing them. To get points for purchasing items, all you have to do is simply play multiplayer and you got yourself some spending money. It’s like fundraising with a big old laser gun. There are also different game modes in online multiplayer such as Team Deathmatch, Conquest, CTF (Capture the Flag) and Escalation. While all this seems pretty dandy and all, the online lobby and matchmaking process can be a little sluggish and sometimes, you might find yourself shooting or running into a wall, because of the lag.


In the end, Fall of Cybertron has indeed, lived up to the hype set by its predecessor. With improved gameplay, graphics and customization options, it is THE Transformers game that every fan has been waiting for. Whether you are playing as an Autobot or a Decepticon, you will find that this game will satisfy both your cravings as a fanboy/girl and a gamer. Even at the end of the story mode, you will still be craving for more. It is a wonder if High Moon Studios will consider making a third in the series, but until that day… “TIL ALL ARE ONE”.


— This is James B Boss, transforming and rolling out


2 thoughts on “Review – Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron

    • Thanks a bunch, Lady! The Grimlock segment of the game is something I play again and again and again.
      I mean, he’s a GIANT METAL T-REX! There is only win there. 🙂

      — Evo out.


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