Review – Persona 4 Arena

Hey everyone, James B. Boss here with my latest game review. I know it has been awhile since I have done one, but let’s put that aside for now and get to my review. This time, my review is about the game Persona 4 arena, which is the latest entry in the popular JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game) series. Usually, entries in this series are played in a traditional RPG-style of gameplay but this time, it is presented in the form of a fighting game.

Review was done on the PS3 version.



Persona 4 Arena takes place two months after the events of the previous game and is a direct sequel in a way, so once again, the protagonist Yu Narukami and his friends have to jump into action. As you play through the game, you will experience some of it’s great features, such as a great soundtrack with remixed songs from the last game, anime-style graphics and new and old characters to use in battle. Though this game is technically a sequel to Persona 4, it is graced with the appearances of three characters from Persona 3. You can also change the language spoken in the game from English to Japanese, so if you are a hardcore fan and you like the original voices, then you don’t have to worry. Also, the story mode in this game follows the paths of each of the characters and is told in the style of a visual novel, with the inclusion of cutscenes.



Persona 4 Arena’s gameplay is unique in it’s own way, but as you dive deeper into its mechanics, you’ll find that it is very similar to Blazblue. You have four buttons to use for attacking. Two of them are used basic attacks, while the other two, are used to summon your persona. When it comes to combos, the game mainly points you in the direction of using persona in mid combo, to deal an enormous amount of damage. Some of the Persona 4 Arena’s basic actions contain, super jumping, guard canceling, super canceling and bursting. These skills can be used to give yourself an edge in your fight, so learn to use them to their fullest extent. If find that you may have trouble learning a characters moves, then the game’s challenge mode will be able to help understand the characters combo timing with ease and a lot of hard work. Considering that the source material would probably appeal to not only to fighting game fans but also fans of the Persona series who may not have as finely developed technical skills as fans who primarily play fighting games, combos have an “Easy” mode built-in so that mashing the [A] or Light attack button will go into a full combo that ends in a super. The game also has an online multiplayer feature, that of course, allows you to play against others worldwide. Aksys/Arc System Works Games are also famous for having fantastic Netcode, so playing online is smooth as silk. You can also play multiplayer locally with a friend.



In the end of it all, Persona 4 Arena is a decent addition to the series and to the fighting game genre. The fact that it decided to take step into the fighting game world from the rpg world, is indeed an unexpected turn of events, but it still did fairly well. People who have played Blazblue, will probably get used to the games mechanics in flash, seeing as how both share a similar play style. While it is not trying to be the next best fighting game in the world, it has the potential to leave its mark on the wall, with other memorable fighting game titles and fits into the Persona universe nicely.



– James B. Boss


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