Pokemon Fantastique’: Day 30 of 31

Good news everyone. It’s me again! Haha, other than being bitten with the insanity bug, everything is going quite swimmingly. Yes… good.. moving on… Today I thought I would throw you a curve ball and talk about one particular pokemon that I despise. Actually, I don’t know if despise is a strong enough word. Before your heads explode with anticipation, I shall just tell you the vile creatures name. For that name is MEOWTH. Dun Dun DDUUUUUNNNN…

Look at the face of evil… LOOK AT IT!

I really !@#$%^& hate Meowth. He’s ugly, he’s annoying, he’s useless. Did I mention annoying?! Okay, okay why all the hate you ask? It’s because of the old TV show they made the damn cat talk…. Team Rocket would be almost bearable if that chatty monstrosity wasn’t around. The voice, the appearance the attitude. UGH… it makes me cringe thinking about it.  If I were on Team Rocket then I totally would have power evolved Meowth, just to shut him up. Not to mention you get a classy Persian out of the deal and everyone knows Persians are the s#$t.

I could go on about how I think Meowth is ugly, like some sort of mix between something resembling a cat and a pancake, but that’s just a personal opinion. If you think Meowth is cool, seriously think about it for a bit. I hope that you come over to my side of things… I think I may start a group of some sort. Most Every One Wants Meowth Eviscerated On Wednesday. MEOWMEOW hmmm.. I like that…

-Jessica AWAAAYYY-


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