Pokemon Fantastique’: Day 29 of 31

Megan Highwind here again! Today I am going to tell you about another one of my favorite Pokémon. He’s a fire type, looks similar to a dog, and if you have ever played Pokémon snap you would know that he comes out of craters of lava.



Arcanine! I love Arcanine. I am not really sure what initially drew me to him. It could be that he looks like a dog, much like Mew and Mewtwo who look similar to cats, and I love both cats and dogs, or it could be that he is one of the Pokémon that I used to beat both Pokémon red and yellow. I also think it has to do with how regal Arcanine looks and it seems to just glide around at amazing speeds. He can learn a good amount of different moves as well. He can learn the amazing Fire Blast and the dragon spells, even though this Pokémon is not a dragon. I admit that in every Pokémon game I have owned I have always had an Arcanine in my group. I know that some people think that Charizard, Moltres or Ho-Oh are the best fire Pokémon around, I will always choose Arcanine and one other fire type that I love that I will tell you all about on Tuesday! Here’s a hint for you: This Pokémon is also a fire type who starred in a movie from a while back. Any guesses? I will let you know Tuesday if you are right!

– Megan Highwind has left the party


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