Pokemon Fantastique’: Day 27 of 31 – (It’s a Two for One Special!)

Hey Everyone!  Megan Highwind here to tell you about two of my absolute favorite Pokemon. Now, if you have been a fan of the show and games since the beginning like me you will have no problem figuring out which Pokemon I am going to talk about today. I’ll give you 3 hints… 1. They are both psychic Pokémon. 2. Neither of them is easy to catch and keep. 3. The battle that they had made me and millions of other Pokemon fans cry when they turned Ash to stone(to be fair, I was 13 at the time and very attached to Ash so I feel totally justified in freaking out when I thought him to be dead and gone forever. Not to mention the fact that the other Pokémon started being sad and crying too…I was bound to cry, dangit!) [OMG SPOILERS!? I WAS WAITING TO SEE THAT MOVIE AND NOW ITS RUINED! — Jessica]

I absolutely adore Mew and Mewtwo. Without a doubt, Mewtwo is my favorite Pokémon EVER. In the first movie you either loved to hate him or hated to love him. The very first time I saw him in the movie I knew that I was bound to love him. He was an incredibly powerful being who did not take any crap from anyone and even though he was kind of a jerk to all the other Pokemon, I could not help but love him. Even when he was making me cry, I thought about how much I would like to own a Mewtwo if I was a trainer!  As an example of his sheer awesomeness he blows up a whole laboratory easily and can also speak to people through their minds! That is not something the average everyday Pokemon could accomplish. Not to mention, if you used him in any of the games, he kicked butt. I could just use psychic over and over again on my opponent and have them down rather quickly. He could also learn a wide variation of moves and so no matter which type of opponent you were facing, Mewtwo was a good choice if given the right skill set. What I am basically saying here is Mewtwo is awesome.

I will wreck your family.

Mew, unlike Mewtwo, is one of those Pokemon who is hard not to love. [He’s a pretty itty bitty kitty… thing — Jessica] Albeit, annoying when trying to get a picture of in the game Pokemon Snap, Mew is a cute little Pokemon who also packs a huge punch. In the first movie, he was able to take down the big and bad Mewtwo by forcing some sense into him while Ash was lying in a heap in the middle of the arena. Like Mewtwo, this Pokemon was an essential one to have in the Gameboy games. Strong psychic skills mixed with the ability to learn various new moves make this Pokémon another strong contender. Also, like I said before, Mew is just so darn cute it is ridiculous.  Through generations and generations of Pokemon these two will always be among my favorites. Between their abilities in the games and the emotions they drew out of me as a young teen at the first Pokemon film in theaters (Where I also got a holographic Mew card, yay!) I will always love these two amazing psychics!



 – Megan Highwind has left the party


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