Pokemon Fantastique’: Day 26 of 31


What’s good, everyone? Joshua Evo here again (and solo this time) with today’s entry for our Pokemon event. July is winding down to it’s final days and we hope you guys have been enjoying (and at least READING) the entries. With that being said, let’s go right into today’s.

So, the whole fossil Pokemon thing was always interesting to me since they were pretty much brought back from millions of years of peaceful sleep for the sole purpose for ten-year olds to collect, house in a tiny ball and pit against each other in battle. In a world where I like to assume that most non-human creatures dream of the sweet release of death from a world of violent subjugation, the crimes against fossil Pokemon are most heinous indeed. 

Doesn’t make them any less cool though. Take Aerodactyl for example.

Utility in the game aside, I like this Pokemon for one BIG reason… THIS is the guy who pissed Ash’s Charmeleon off SO MUCH that he forced his own evolution into Charizard JUST to kick Aerodactyl’s ass. That’s pretty much all the reason I personally need. Ash’s Charmeleon crammed ten years worth of gym workouts into 20 seconds JUST to beef up enough to hand Aerodactyl his own ass… then immediately go back into Charmeleon again. 

For some reason, I’m reminded of a YouTube comment war… not sure why.

— Evo out.





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