Pokemon Fantastique’: Days 24 and 25 *sigh* of 31

What’s good, everyone? Joshua Evo is back with you guys to continue the “month” long Pokemon event. I hope you guys enjoyed our guest entry from the awesome Britt of Blondenerd.com. Since we got lazy and skipped a day (blame work), we have another two-fer for you guys. Jessica is up first… and you MAY notice a theme 🙂

I HATH RETURNED!! MUHAHAHA! Well enough with that revelry for now. On to the reason why you are reading this. The unveiling of what just might be my favorite Pokemon of all time! And let me tell you it’s going to make a splash!


See… See.. what I did there… Eh…? Eh…? Ha! Anywho, I love the splashtastic Magikarp. He is the KING of all fishes. Okay okay seriously, I don’t know why I am so in love with one of the most derp-tastic of all the Pokemon, although truth be told I have a soft spot for all the derpy pokemon. (more on that later) Recently as you all might know I travelled to the distant land of San Diego to go to Comic Con. Whist there I purchased a shirt. Upon which was my favorite Magikarp with the quote: “I swear to God when I evolve I will kill you all!” Which leads us to…



So, did you notice the theme? Huh? HUUUUH? Those of us who were patient enough to hang tough with that useless fishy up there had their patience rewarded with this murderous creature. So, as a player, I DID have some trepidation “Surf”-ing on a Pokemon who would just as soon devour me and my loved ones than ferry me from Point A to Point A and a half but I mean LOOK AT THIS THING? THE FIRST THING HE LEARNS IS BITE! 

BITE! His first order of business after evolving is to NOM the hell out of EVERYONE who ever wronged him… AND possibly THEIR loved ones as well!

So yes… Gyarados is an aquatic badass… I mean he doesn’t have any wicked guns sprouting from his shoulders but dude… he used to be Magikarp… This my friends, is the Pokemon equivalent to a SERIOUS inferiority complex. 


— Evo out.

— Jessica *SPLISH SPLASH, I WAS TAKIN’ A BATH*… um… what was I saying?





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