Pokemon Fantastique’: Day 23 of 31

We’re BACK, everyone! Sorry for the break from the blog event here but Jessica Valentine and I attended Comic-con 2012 and we’ll have some pertinent goodness to post on here later on. For now though, we continue with the Pokemon Fantastique’ with an awesome guest writer! Check her out below!

— Evo out


Hey guys! Britt here from BlondeNerd.com, and I’d like you to meet one of my favorite Pokémon EVER. And I mean E-V-E-R.

That’s right. Exeggcute.

Now, I could have chosen ANY of the thousands of Exeggcute photos, but I chose the original Exeggcute Pokémon card as this is how Exeggcute first came on my radar at the wee age of ten. “But Britt — they’re, like, eggs. And one of them is cracked and, uh, dead.”


But for some reason I cannot knock this weird obsession I’ve had over Exeggcute. In fact, I’ve never used Exeggcute in a battle nor do I know any of its stats or what its even capabable of. All I know is that it is strange and odd– like yours truly — and therefore I bond with it over our mutual weirdness. In fact, I even attempted to make an Exeggcute cluster last Easter.

HEY. I never said it was any good.

If you think THIS is weird, let me show you one of my other favorite Pokémon:

Seriously, I used to fantasize about having a Koffing to hold and frolic with.

…I’m not even going to ATTEMPT to explain that one.


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