Pokemon Fantastique’: Day 6 of 31

Hey all! Megan Highwind here. I am going to be going out of town for the next week without internet service so I wanted to get one of my favorites out there before I left. The Pokémon I chose for today is a mystical bird that just so happens to prefer ice….

That’s right, today’s Pokémon is Articuno! I absolutely adore this bird. I like Moltres and Zapdos too, of course, but whenever I was in a fight back in the days of gold and silver and Pokémon stadium Articuno was always my go to. For some reason, whenever I used this Pokémon in a battle, I rarely ever lost. I assume it is simply because this Pokémon is awesome, but it could also be that it had really good attacks as well. I loved using the attacks Ice Beam and Blizzard on other Pokémon and watching them fall as I heard that awesome victory theme in Pokémon stadium and I knew I was going to get another Pokémon as a prize for beating everyone in the Stadium. Another thing I love about Articuno is the way it looks. It is a beautiful looking bird yet it totally looks like it would be able to kick your Pokémon down in about 5 seconds flat. Articuno’s long tail and distinctive head crest made it a unique and interesting addition to the other two mystical birds. Basically, in my opinion this bird kicks a lot of tail and will always be one of my favorites. Not to mention when I go back to Pokémon Stadium every now and again or even Pokémon gold and silver I always have Articuno in my party to help me catch them all! (I know that was cheesy, but give me a break it’s almost the weekend and I’m going on vacation!) When I get back next week I will give you all some more of my favorites including one of the most intimidating Pokémon Ash has ever been up against, two more Pokémon that played predominate roles in some of the earlier Pokémon movies, and finally a fiery dog that likes to pop out of craters!

-Megan Highwind has left the party.


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