Pokemon Fantastique’: Days 4 and 5 of 31

Hey guys, Evo back again with Days 4 and 5 of the 31 days of Pokemon. I apologize for you guys just having to read MY stuff over and over again but it’s been a pretty busy July for the crew here. That being said though, we’re still doing what we can to keep it rolling with as much content as we can… even if it’s a day late or so. Moving right along, let’s take a look at our subjects for today… and yesterday.

First up is an old favorite of mine from my hardcore days of Red and Blue, Starmie. Being perfectly honest, Starmie never struck me as anything I wanted to pay attention to. I mean, look at it… it doesn’t even have a face. What happens if the big jewel in the center is shattered?Granted, Misty from the TV show being the spicy redhead that she is, DID carry one of these things but the extent I ever saw of its power was stuff like Swift and Water Gun. Wooo. Stars and water squirts. Clearly, we have a bad ass over here. Questions like this had me sort of dismiss it from the get-go, until I played the games themselves and actually got to use this thing in a fight. Starmie is probably the ONLY Pokemon you guys are going to see on this list that I have an an affinity for SOLELY based on its performance in the game. This thing was a bona-fide “Mr. Do-it-All” back in the day. It had access to damn near ALL of the the more powerful attacks in the game and had the speed and power to back it up. It could also learn Recover, which was (if you’re a veteran of the series) kind of a big deal since you could pop healing items in PvP battles and the concept of berries or held items wasn’t even around yet. All in all, Starmie started as as serious underdog in my opinion but quickly elevated to a creature of use and utility that overcame its rather unassuming appearance of “really, that’s it?”

On the other hand…


… Sometimes you just can’t get past appearances. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Stantler. It’s a deer. That’s pretty much it. Starts life as a smaller more (pun intended) doe-eyed creature and then evolves into the beefy sleigh-puller you see before you. Stantler is one of those Pokemon I just could NOT root for no matter HOW hard I tried to. Yeah, ok, in the later generations of the games, it was granted the Intimidate ability which made it SORT OF useful in a fight. I’m told by friends who still frequently participate in Pokemon battles that it’s got a “solid movepool and options”. While these are definitely plusses in Stantler’s favor, it isn’t quite enough for me to look past the fact that when I think of the concept of people in Pokemon universe having to feast on freshly slaughtered Pokemon (Pidgeot Thanksgiving, a nice Tauros Filet Mignon or what have you), for sustenence, Stantler is right up there on that list. 


Along with his head. Mounted on a wall. Which coupled with those funky antlers are a pretty groovy trophy, don’t you think?

— Evo out.


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