Pokemon Fantastique’: Day 3 of 31

Hello again, everyone. It’s Joshua Evo again for Day 3 of the Pokemon event. Not too many bells and whistles in today’s intro, save for my saying that this one most definitely one of my favorites. Those of you who know me well can tell that just from its appearance.

Oh yeah, it’s Godz… oh wait. No.

Guys, I don’t think I need to introduce you to Tyranitar. This one is the big, beefy, late evolver (in the spirit of Dragonite) of the Gold/Silver era. As I said, my reason for being a fan of this thing are pretty clear… mostly because it looks like Godzilla. Of course, “Tyran-” is part of its name, which also calls back to Tyrannosaurus, which happens to be my favorite dinosaur AND he’s one of the original badasses of when the DARK-type came into being in Pokemon world. Also, according to its bio, it when it gets pissed off, it goes around and brings down mountains.



Tyranitar is pretty beastly in a fight too. In the games, the utter act of calling him into battle summons a weather condition. Open Pokeball, instant sandstorm. What a jerk. Add on to that the fact that this thing is a TERROR to a lot of people who play Pokemon competitively and all the little ingredients to combine to form a friggin’ beast of  a Pokemon. 

— Evo out.


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