Pokemon Fantastique’: Days 1 and 2 of 31 –

What’s good, everyone. Welcome to another one of our delightful 31 Days of [INSERT TOPIC] events. As you all may know (or not), we held a poll to see what our next topic was going to be and the winner was… *wait for it* Pokemon! So we present to you, in no particular order for no particular reason, our 31 days of Pokemon! Same format as last time, with each of us presenting a Pokemon for the day (or in this case, two of them since I missed yesterday since I was getting ready for vacation) and a summary as to why our respective socks are rocked by them. So let’s get the ball rolling with our first two:

First on my list is Shedinja. This guy has always been a funny one to me since it’s essentially a discarded husk of something else that just happened to become sentient and unkillable except by certain things, meaning that it kind of walks the line between insect, zombie and ghost. None of which are feared by a huge majority of the population.  Shedinja’s also something of an underdog since it rides up into battle with 1 HP but as I said, an ability that makes it un-killable unless you hit it with a specific type of attack… sorta like getting a headshot on a zombie. Uh oh. Zombies have come up in this discussion for a second time. Either way, it’s always been one of the stranger origin Pokemon to me but at least it KINDA has a purpose… not like it just comes into being and then immediately starts dying in mass quantities due to random explosions. Speaking of which…

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Electrode. Aside from the snarky look on his face, I like this guy because of darn deceptive he is. I mean look at him. Say you’re walking along in Pokemon Land and think “Boy, I’m thirsty, I sure would like a Lemonade or something” and you approach what looks like a Pokeball containing an item because that’s where people put their items for some reason. As you get close to it, parched with thirst, you pick it up with a hopeful grin, only to have it rotate in your hands, give you that shit-eating grin and then promptly blow up just because. This makes Electrode a jerk and while not something that a lot of people will openly admit, jerks can be funny which is why I suspect this Pokemon has such a following. At least Electrode has the decency to be larger than a normal Pokeball and look like one that’s been flipped upside down. Its little brother Voltorb is MUCH more nefarious but also smaller, so I would assume that those explosions aren’t as big.. Could probably still take off a limb or something. 

– Evo out.


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