What’s good, everyone? It’s been a while since our last bit of communication but work has been ramping up something fierce and it’s all any of us can do to keep up! I DO have a bit of news for you all though!

First of all, I now have a Tumblr and seeing as how it’s going to be largely video game or other random nerdness related, it will of course be linked to this blog.  

Second, some of us are working on new article types to post. No spoilers just yet but hopefully you guys get a kick out of what we put out and DO keep in mind that a lot of it is not meant to be taken TOO seriously, yes? 

Third, i’m going to be closing the poll early for the next “30-31 Days of…” as we have a pretty clear winner for this. Pokemon! So starting in July, we’re going to be covering our 31 Days of Pokemon. As per usual, there’s no real rhyme, reason or pattern to our choices, just a kind of sharing of our personal favorites for whatever reason. I’m also planning on TRYING to get some guest authors on this project so if you all know of any serious Pokemon nerds who are fairly prominent internet-heads, i’m open to suggestions! 

That should be it for now. Other than that, I’m going to be updating the “What we’re Playing” page soon since there’s new stuff coming out and frankly, Diablo III has caused a NEW level of carpal tunnel for me. Also, if case you missed any of the announcements, Hideo Kojima has begun work on a new Zone of the Enders project. I put up a video detailing what I knew about the project at the time as well as my personal feelings on the news and the series as a whole up on the DRE YouTube Channel. You can also see the video itself by clicking here.

So, I once again want to thank everyone for following the blog, reading what we have to write and just being awesome and supportive as a whole. We’re hoping to have some new content to review for you guys VERY soon and I hope you all enjoy the upcoming 31 days event! 

– Evo out.


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