Day 31 of 31 – Final Fantasy VI

Finally! We’ve reached Day 31 of our 31 Days of Gaming event, my personal favorite game of all time. Hang around for the end of the article because I have a question to ask you all but until then, let’s get right to it:

Like most gamers, I’ve been playing the various entries of the Final Fantasy since the first one appeared in North America. Since then, I’ve seen the series grow, change and evolve but it in my opinion, it hit the pinnacle of its brilliance with Final Fantasy VI. This was the first game I remember playing where I parked it in one place for hours and hours with the intent of discovering any and everything in the game that I could. On my quest to do that, I discovered that this game had a fantastic story and incredibly well-developed characters. Those things made the grind easier because I became invested in my characters’ lives and stories. I was driven to push forward and get stronger because wanted to see how the Figaro Brothers came up together, Locke’s inspiration for his adventuring, Terra’s quest to discover herself and especially the story of Shadow’s past.  In addition to the multitude of stories was the diversity of the cast’s abilities. Essentially, each character had a unique ability that made them stand out and gave them utility on a team. Considering the size of the roster, several different team combinations (four to a team) were possible and could be created and customized to suit a variety of combat situations. You had the basic brawlers, melee hitters and magic users but even they had their little quirks. Celes for example can absorb magic directed at the party as MP, Strago could attack unique spells learned from encounters with monsters, Mog can use his Dances to attack, buff or debuff. Each character offered something new to the player who chose to use them.  On the other side, this game is also the home to probably one of the greatest video game villains in history: Kefka. Here’s a guy who is CLEARLY mentally deranged, that dresses like a clown and who within the FIRST ACT of the game, sets fire to an entire castle and poisons an entire water supply. What a dick. Again, it’s a further story element that compels the player to take his clown @$$ down.  The monsters are powerful, the battles are intense, the world is huge and the struggles that the characters go through feel real and identifiable. This is what an JRPG should be in my opinion and it was an instant classic. These days, you can play FFVI on the Wii Virtual Console, SNES, PSX, Emulator, GBA and a few other ways. Check it out if you never have and enjoy the experience. I definitely did back then and I still do now. 

– Evo done but not quite out just yet.


Well, what can I say that Evo didn’t touch on… Hmm… though I haven’t played this game in years, I will forever remember just how much I wanted to kill that clown. Oh.. Kefka you !@#$%^!! Anyway I really must replay this game. I do believe it’s available on PSN. On that note.

-Victory Music-


Hey guys, Evo back again. Thanks again so much for sticking around for the end of this article and for hanging on for all 31 days of this event. We hope you all enjoyed reading as much as we enjoyed writing them. Since Summer is around the corner and a lot of us are starting new jobs or going on vacations, June’s content is going to be a little less regular in terms of “daily” but we will still be posting stuff, trying some new featured articles and don’t forget that in July we’ve got some nifty coverage coming up. In the mean time, I’m planning on definitely doing another 30 0r 31 days of *INSERT TOPIC HERE* and would really like your feedback on the topic. We’ve narrowed it down to two for this particular plan and I’ll have a poll up that I’ll tabulate at the end of June to see what our next event is so please cast a vote and participate. Again, thanks much for sticking with us and if you would be so awesome (and you all are) please continue to check us out for updates and share/follow/retweet our content as much as you can. Thanks again and this has been the 31 Days of Gaming.

– Evo out.


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