Day 30 of 31 – LEGO Video Games

Alright, we are almost to the end of our marathon! Today we discuss the Lego video game franchise. Yay! Fun! Awesome! Okay! Let’s go…



I like Lego games. There I said it. I am proud to like the Lego games and all of their silliness and frivolity. Now that you are done laughing at how a grown up such as myself could like a game that probably is marketed towards a younger demographic, let us talk about the facts. First, the games are fun, at least to me they are. In a previous entry I mentioned that I like tedious tasks, but most others do not. So, I can see why other people might not like the games as it is necessary to complete every level at least twice if you want to complete the game to 100%. Secondly it is impossible to get annoyed at the sound track or voice track. The characters never speak, and the sound track they use is from the franchise that they are representing. You don’t like the sound track from whatever franchise, well then why would you buy the game… And thirdly I rather enjoy the fact that the games can be mindless and losing a few hours doesn’t feel like a waste, it feels like a respite from reality. So what? I may act like 7 year old from time to time and I am proud of it. I don’t care that my choices of games aren’t necessarily “hardcore”, I am who I am.  I LOVE LEGO GAMES! On that note Lego Batman 2 looks amazing and I can’t wait for it to come out.

-Builds a rocket out of Legos and flies away-


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