Day 29 of 31: Soulcalibur

Hey everybody and welcome to Day 29.



Considering that this is my brother’s blog, we OF COURSE have another fighting game. SoulCalibur has got to be, one of the most unique and beautifully made fighting game (for it’s time of course). Instead of using fists and fireballs, SoulCalibur decided to take the weapon wielding style of fighting games. Every character in this game had their own style of fighting, depending on the weapon they used and I found that to be pretty cool. When in combat, the objective of the game is to either deplete your opponents life gauge to zero, or if you would think of yourself of being an @$$h0le, you can knock them off the stage instead. The thing that stood out the most in this game, has got to be the awesome levels that you get to fight in. Some of the stages took place in historical places, which I found to be quite awesome and creative (I personally loved the Venice/France level). Soulcalibur was and always will be, one of the greatest titles to ever be created. Even though we have a lot of games to choose from, but in my opinion, the best game in this series, has got to be the first Soulcalibur. It had simple and addicting gameplay, memorable characters, beautiful stages and an awesome story. So if you guys have already played this awesome game(s), then I praise you all for your awesomeness, but if you have yet to play this game, then I suggest you do.

— James B. Boss


I picked up a Sega Dreamcast SOLELY for this game and before I knew that the console had any other games on it. I played it endlessly whenever I got a chance to and I was always drawn in by the diversity of the roster and the whole weapon-driven combat mechanic. The Dreamcast port of the game improved that graphics and added a ton of game play options, like the phenomenal Mission mode where players conquered portions of a map to earn points towards purchasing unlockables in the game. I happen to think that this game holds up extremely well even now and gladly play it whenever I can. 

– Evo out. 


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