Day 28 of 31: Metal Gear Solid

What’s happening people! It’s Memorial Day weekend and also Day 28!



Hey cool, it’s the game I got my name from, sorta. Metal Gear Solid is and always will be a great title. The reason why, is because it had everything to offer for us gamers. Challenging boss fight and obstacles, great storyline (if you can you know, understand all of it?) and memorable characters. The game starts off with you infiltrating a base known as Shadow Moses and your mission is to infiltrate and stop the antagonist from using the Metal Gear to take over the world. It may seem like a simple story, but if you play for along time, you will find that there are twists and turns to the story. The gameplay was quite unique for it’s time, because not a lot of games had you play through the entire story using stealth. There were some parts of the game where you go guns-a-blazing (especially the boss fights), so it was not all stealth, which was a nice change of pace. The boss were probably my favorite of this game, because they made you think about how you should take them down, instead of just running up to them and attack them repeatedly (I HATE YOU PSYCHO MANTIS!!!). The characters are another example of how great this game is. Seriously, if start talking about this game with a die hard fan, they will just go on and off about the games’ characters. Solid Snake is the protagonist of the series and he just b@d@$$. I have yet to see another video game character that tops his manlyness and I don’t think that will happen anytime soon. If you are looking for a game where you want to take out your opponents with steal and finesse, then Metal Gear Solid is the game to play. If you want to play this awesome title, then I suggest seek it out and definitely play the other games in the series. 

— James B. Boss


Admittedly, the most I ever played of this game was a short demo disc that came with my cousin’s Playstation and this was some time after the game itself had actually been released but I distinctly remember the feeling of having to adapt that I got from the game. I initially tried to run and fun my way through it and rather quickly found out that that was a pretty pointless way to try to go through MGS. I liked the feeling of having to be deliberate with every action, like how I could easily tranquilize a guard but have to worry about his unconscious @$$ drawing attention from other guards. These little touches were things I’d not seen before in a game and definitely held my attention enough to have to actually plot my my course through the demo. To this day, I’ve never finished it but I’ve watched it played by my brother numerous times and it’s just as thrilling now as it was back then.

– Evo out. 


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