Day 25 of 31 – Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

Heeeelllllllooooooo everybody! It’s me again! Today we will be discussing one of my favoritest games. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3. ONWARD!

I love this game, I am going to go all fangirl on you, so bear with me. I really enjoyed the crap out of this game. The characters, the plot, and especially the sound track were awesome. I like that you get to start out as a husk of a character, that literally has no name, well, I suppose his name could be “Protagonist” and develop his connections with other people. All of this in pursuit of obtaining stronger personas to fight for you in the intriguing tower Tartarus. Persona 3 had just the right levels of quirkiness for me. The tone of the plot was slightly dark, but how can you get all gloomy when you have J-pop blaring in the background. Granted there is a lot of busy work in the game, run here do this, go to a certain place on a certain day and talk to a certain person. Tedious as it was I loved having to keep track and would find myself constantly reloading if I so much as messed up an answer to one of the many questions posed to me. Oh… so much reloading… Moving onward lets bring our little tour to the velvet room. The velvet room houses Igor and his lovely assistant whose name is escaping me right now… uh…. uh… Ladies and Gentlemen please hold Jessica preforms some maintenance on her brain-space-box-thing. Thank you for your patience. ELIZABETH!!! Wow.. that took way too long to remember. Anyway, Igor can fuse personas to make new ones for you to use, and Elizabeth gives you quests throughout the game. Personally I love the music of the Velvet Room, it just sounds relaxing and almost ethereal.  I want to continue on and talk about this game and it’s little nuances but I have a tendency to  blab on and on and on and on. Perhaps one day in the future I will do a full retrospective on this game, who knows? Right now all I’m going to play Persona 3 again soon, for it has been too long.


I haven’t played these at great length… but I’ve always wanted to. Should probably fix that, huh?

– Evo out.


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