Day 24 of 31 – Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare

Greetings everyone and welcome to Day 24.


Ok cool, it’s time for an FPS review. So everyone and their mother by now should know what Call of Duty is and if you don’t, well then that’s ok. Call of Duty was an FPS that started out as a WWII themed type of game, but later on it evolved into this game known as Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. At first I was a little judgmental about this kind of change to the franchise because I was used to playing the game in the WW2 timeline, but once I started playing this game, I accepted it right off the bat. I loved the new features and the storyline. The guns that they included in this game were also a hoot and it was also awesome when they gave you the ability to customize your guns. While the storyline of this game was great and the characters were just plain awesome, Modern Warfare shined the most during the multiplayer mode, but then again, that’s how most FPS games are nowadays. Modern Warfare was indeed a great game and it was only just a start of something even greater. As for being able to play this masterpiece, you can just find this game at any store that sells video games. Now feel free to continue  the hate. 🙂

— James B. Boss


Call of Duty. So, I don’t have a terrible lot to say about this game that hasn’t been said already. I was never much of an FPS player and even today, I’m still pretty garbage at them so I passed on a LOT of various CoD and BF games. Shortly after I got my PS3, I picked this game up just to give it a spin and I did end up really enjoying it. To me, it’s the strongest of the Modern Warfare trilogy in terms of single player Campaign because I really liked the more modern setting and felt that the WWII premise had gotten pretty stale. Multiplayer is always a major point for these games and MW delivered pretty well there too so for the most part, this was a really enjoyable game for me. As to whether I think the MW series is going downhill? Ehhh… moving on… Also, I apologize for the short entry but I’ve got a case of carpal tunnel and typing at length is becoming a chore. I’m not taking any questions as to whether it’s Diablo III related or not. 

– Evo out.


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