Day 23 of 31 – Savage Quest

We are at Day 23 people! Thanks again for all the support and shares. We’re currently prepping another 31 day event for July and we’re still working out the details but definitely looking for some feedback from you all… possibly in poll form. Stay tuned! In the meantime, let’s get moving with…

No. This is not a mistake and it’s not supposed to be Primal Rage. It’s Savage Quest. I love this game,  however I’m almost convinced that a good 90% of everyone who will read this article will have NO idea that this game even existed. As you can probably determine from the flyer art, you are in control of a nature’s most successful attempt at badassery, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The story (yeah) is quite ridiculous; you have had your eggs stolen by a gang of Velociraptors who answer to an evil Shaman named Karn. Why? From what I remember, he just kinda wants an omelette. As such, you’re a SAVAGE,  pissed off dinosaur and are on a QUEST to recover your eggs and will stop at nothing. So at least we know the title is an apt one.  It was released in 1999 by the now defunct publisher, Interactive Light. I first heard about this game (as I often did in those days) by seeing a blurb in one of the gaming magazines I was subscribing to. At that time, we had a local arcade in a nearby mall called WonderPark that had an awesome rep for bringing in some high caliber games. One day, I walked in and saw THIS unruly looking thing sitting in the middle of the section where they kept all the racing games:


So um, you want me to sit INSIDE this thing or… how’re we doing this?


Granted, I already knew it was Savage Quest because it, well, SAID so on the cabinet and I was pretty hype to see it but what I WASN’T expecting was its control scheme. I sat myself in the cabinet and the first thing I saw was a flight simulator-style stick. I immediately got a little worried since I REALLY wasn’t expecting that sort of control setup but considering that I’d been hoping this game would show up in my arcade, I plunked in a dollar’s worth of tokens and decided “why the hell not”. The control wasn’t that bad; you use the stick the move the T-Rex freely in 3D if you spin it 360 degrees, you get a Tail Whip attack and the trigger button at the bottom of the stick was what you used to bite and eat things. There was also another button for running that you could double tap to get a headbutt attack and my personal favorite, a roar (literally, a ROAR) button that you could use to send EVERYTHING fleeing from you or stun smaller dinosaurs. Also, there’s two meters to keep an eye on: One for your health and the other for your hunger. Whenever you ate or bit something, it’d refill a little of each meter and if your hunger dropped to empty, your life would start ticking down rapidly until you stopped for a snack.  This game was also gorgeous to look at and listen to but the game play was pretty mindless since you’re just going through, eating your way to your eggs. Then again, it’s a game about a being a pissed off T-Rex… who the hell needs deeper gameplay elements?! Savage Quest disappeared from my arcade a while later and sadly, I’ve not been able to locate it since, which is a heavy sadmaker for me but I’m damn sure glad I got the chance to play it several times. If you’re still having some difficulty picturing what this game looks like during gameplay… enjoy!

— Evo out.

Oh man, THIIIIS game. Savage Quest was indeed a title, that not a lot of people knew about. I found out about it one day when I walked into my local Arcade one and ever since then, I have been a fan of this game. The whole concept of the game, was to play through the game as the badass Tyrannosaurus Rex and save you eggs, that were stolen by other dinosaurs( who did you expect to steal them, Swiper the fox). You control the T-Rex by using a single joystick controller, that is mostly used for flight simulators. You attack by using the trigger button and you can also do a tailspin attack by wiggling the joystick back and forth. You also had a roar attack that acts like a stun move, so that you can easily defeat your enemies as they cower in fear of your b@d@$$ness. The music and graphics of this game, were really awesome for it’s time and it’s was certainly an enjoyable game. Sadly, this game has become almost extinct( hahaha, I said extinct). I say almost, because there are probably some existing arcades that still have this game among it’s roster of notable arcade cabinets. So, if you have the chance to play this game, I recommend doing so, because it’s not often you play a game, where the protagonist is a dinosaur.

— James B. Boss


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