Day 21 of 31 – Uncharted 2

What’s good, everyone? We’re almost at the end of the event and I just wanted to throw out a thanks to everyone who’s followed us for all 31 days. With that out of the way, let’s hit our game for today:


I have to be honest, when I initially got my Playstation 3, I didn’t pay much attention to the Uncharted games. Sure, they looked plenty cool but it always ended up striking me as another Tomb Raider clone and I wasn’t really a big fan of that game either. However, my hands we a bit tied considering that the line-up of good games for the console was a bit sparse at that point in time so I called up a friend who had just gotten a copy of Uncharted the first and asked him if I could borrow it. I do remember having a lot of fun with the game and how it was a pretty intense and compelling experience from both a game play and story perspective (granted this was my first real exposure to the now ridiculously formulaic “cover-based shooter” style of gaming, so it seemed really new to me). Also, the game was sort of lacking in variety when it came to game modes so all in all, it wasn’t anything particularly jaw-dropping but it was quite fun for a while.

And then they made a sequel.

I started seeing commercials for Uncharted 2 pop up on TV and ads in magazines. They were all very cryptic, as they showed not eve a little hint of actual game play and depicted a near dead Nathan Drake trudging his way through the snow, suffering from a rather nasty case of “I BEEN SHOT!” After that, the waiting began until (if I remember correctly) October 13, 2009 when the game was finally released. It’s been a while since I last played it (at this point) but I do remember that I was a good balance between the familiar and the new. The weapon sets were bigger, the villains were more comically nuts and the scenery. Uncharted 2 had one of the most awesome looking environments I’d seen in a game at the time. The controls in these games always felt a little clunky to me but otherwise it wasn’t too shabby in terms of “overall”.  The addition of multiplayer Co-op and Versus modes fleshed out the game more and added a critical element of replay value. Definitely a pretty damn good game by any means.

–Evo out.

Uncharted 2 was a great game to me. Much like with the Mass Effect series, I did not play the first installment of this game. I did not really get a ps3 until a while after the game had been released and by that point I had already heard every single detail about the game and Uncharted 2 was close to coming out, so I decided to just join Nathan Drake on his second adventure, and I am certainly glad I decided to. Uncharted 2 was what a game should be: beautiful graphics, fantastic voice acting and music, and a thrilling storyline. I had never really played a game like this one before. The whole concept of hiding behind some sort of cover and shooting from there was relatively new to me. At times I thought that the combat was a bit wonky, as in I definitely once in a while got frustrated with trying to aim and shoot since it wasn’t the easiest system to master. Another point in this game that I felt slightly let down was the final boss battle. Hey run this way to get away from this psychopath…now run back that way and hit him whenever you get the shot. I didn’t hate the ending per say, I just felt like a game that was as epic as this deserved an ending boss battle that actually felt as crazy/awesome as the rest of the game. My favorite things about this game by far are the storyline, characters, and the puzzles. Watching Drake stagger through the snow or trying to escape from enemies kept me on the very edge of my seat until the end of the game. I felt really connected to him and the other characters and was hoping more than anything that they would find what they needed and get back home alive.  Drake, Chloe, and the others were always doing unexpected things and seeing their personalities grow through the course of the game was a fun experience. Finally, the puzzles were varied and fun so that the gameplay did not feel stale or get old after long periods of playing. Overall, I’ve loved following Nathan Drake all over the world and will continue to follow him through the next crazy adventure he finds himself smack in the middle of!

–Megan Highwind has left your party.

I find myself torn on this game, while the story was good, I just could not get into what you could call the spirit of the game.  In my opinion the addition of multiplayer was unnecessary, I liked the first game FOR the story, not for dealing with other people. I didn’t want it, I didn’t need it, needless to say, I avoided it.   The single player campaign whist trying to be engaging  felt a little tired to me, seriously how many times in one game can you (or your companion) start falling off of a crumbling precipice only to be caught by one hand or catch to a vine or even a pipe oh yeah still with one hand? Isn’t that just a recipe for a dislocated shoulder. My assumption… Nathan Drake has joints made of steel… he must be a cyborg. Annnnd on that note.

-Ninja Vanish-

Oh wait… I forgot… There were Yeti things! I ❤ Yeti things. Everything is better with Yeti things! Umm.. yeah… bye…


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