Day 20 of 31 – Super Bomberman

Hello everybody and welcome to Day 20



So I don’t know if you guys ever heard of a character named Bomberman, but now is a good time to introduce him to you guys. Bomberman is is a character who attacks enemies with, well bombs of course(his name speaks for itself). He has a bunch of video game titles under his name, so he’s quite a character, but my most favorite of his games was Super Bomberman, on the Super Nintendo. The reason why, is because it was one of the first games I have ever played on the system and it was really fun compared to the other titles. It had everything a great game should have. Challenging levels, smooth gameplay, simple to learn controls, challenging boss fights and multiplayer content. Actually, Bomberman for the Super Nintendo was the first four player video game, but in order to play the four player mode, you had to buy the multiple controller input for the system, but it was quite fun when you had three other people to play with. I never got to play the four player mode, but I was fine with just playing two player mode. The game also had some pretty cool power ups like, increasing your bombs flame, increasing you speed and remote bombs. The remote bombs were the best, because you can detonate it from a distance. Which was good, because you can kill yourself with your own bombs if you were not careful. All in all, this game was great. I’ve been waiting for a virtual console release, but sadly no luck.

— James B. Boss


I have little to say about Super Bomberman in the way of content. What I will say is that this game is one of the most ridiculously fun and rage inducing multiplayer gaming experiences I had from my youth. One of the main things I remember about this game was using the multitap attachment that allowed several people (usually four) to go head to head to the ultimate goal of blowing each other up. Oh yeah… good times.

– Evo out.


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