Day 18 of 31 – Mario Kart 64

Welcome to Day 18, everyone! Here we goooooooooooo!

Blue shells… Blue shells everywhere… O_O 

— Evo out.

Ahh, we meet again, this time to discuss the finer nuances of Mario Kart 64. First off, I would like to state I do not like racing games.  The more realistic the worse it gets. Yeah I understand, 90% of the population will never be able to drive at the high speeds that are common place in a video game, but to me a simulator is just not fun. This is why I believe,  Mario Kart 64 is a superior racing game. I am not looking for realistic, but the more zany, chaotic adventure I can have, the better. Dodging red shells and blue shells and bananas all while driving is ridiculous and I LOVE IT.  Give me a Star power-up and I will SO wreck your face. Initially, I chose Yoshi as my character of choice because you know, Yoshi is AWESOME but as I became better and better at the game. I chose the grand B!$%^& herself, Princess Peach, just because, well who wants to be beaten by a chick who can’t prevent herself from being kidnapped over and over and over again. Just a little salt to rub into the wound. From Luigi Raceway to Rainbow Road , I was the terror on the track back in the day and my skills even carried over into similar games such as Crash Team Racing and Diddy Kong Racing. Alas, how the glory days have passed and I have since retired. It all started with Mario Kart 64 and forever I will fondly remember laughing over the wreckage of my friends with only the soft glow of the ol’ tube tv to illuminate my triumphant face.

-Ninja Vanish-


Oh hell yes. If there is one thing I love, it’s a good old fashioned racing game, where winning the race revolves around throwing objects at your opponents. Mario Kart 64 is one of many titles that belongs to this long running series, but in my opinion, it was the best one to boot. The reason why, is because Mario Kart 64’s levels and overall gameplay was great. Some of my  favorite levels of the entire series were included in this game such as Kalamari Desert, Koopa Beach, Toad Highway and the updated version of Rainbow Road (which in my personal favorite). Favorite character of choice is Yoshi and I enjoyed every moment using a red/blue shell to get to 1st place (I rarely use the green shells, because I end up hitting myself with them). Today, we have seven different Mario Kart games to choose from, but I liked Mario Kart 64 to this day. I can still play it on virtual console on the Wii, but it’s actually quite cool to see some of my favorite levels remade (except for Rainbow Road 64 “sigh”).

— James B. Boss.


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