Day 16 of 31: Chrono Trigger

What’s happening people and welcome to day 16… or is it 17? I dunno, I seem to be all confused on time. Speaking of which…

Ok, so us reviewing this game definitely a no brainer, because it is absolutely awesome. Chrono Trigger is one of the best RPGs that I have ever played in my life. I remember playing this game when I was little, for the sole purpose of one of the characters being a frog (for the record, I like frogs) but after much time playing this game, I grew to love every bit of detail it had to offer. Normal RPGS tend to stick to a straight forward style of gameplay, where you take the main hero and go on a simple quest to save the world from evil and you get to have a happy ending. Chrono Trigger on the other hand does not do that. Instead it offers gamers many choices on how to play the game and what type of ending you can have. There was so much to choose from, that you did not want to just see one ending, you want to see them all. Normally, games with multiple endings tend to be a bit of hassle, because I don’t want to go through that agonizing process of playing the game over and over again, but in Chrono Trigger’s case with it’s multiple endings, I found myself playing the game a certain amount of times, just to see the different endings  (favorite is Frog vs. Magus by the way). The one thing that I truly found fascinating in this game, was that you can go back in time to do stuff. This of course was part of the main story but after a while, you can do this at any point of the game, giving you the opportunity to obtain certain items that you were never able to get before, or if you just want to have fun exploring different areas in the game. The characters in this game were very memorable. They were created by famous artist Akira Toriyama (Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Dragon Quest, just in case you guys don’t know who he is) and I found it hilarious that these characters looked a lot like characters from the Dragonball anime series. I half expected the main hero Crono to have “Kamehameha” listed as one of his attacks. To this day, Chrono Trigger is listed as one of the best all time RPGS and is classic to fans of the genre(myself and my brother included). If any of you have not played this game yet, then there is something truly wrong with you and you should definitely play this game now. I swear, you will not regret it.

— James B. Boss

I like to think that if Crono had anything to say about this adventure… he’s just end up holding his tongue. Apart from being one of my favorite games (not just RPGs or JRPGs) ever made, Chrono Trigger was something of a trailblazer to its franchise. The story was quite interesting:  the time-travelling stories of a young boy and his companions through portals (called “Gates”) and how their actions rewrote history. However, the real trailblazing was in the gameplay design.  At the time, most JRPGs put out by Squaresoft had a lot of set pieces, they tended to suffer from a sort of “more of the same” syndrome even though many of them were still very good. Chrono Trigger changed a lot of that. For starters, as you move about the map, enemy encounters aren’t always random. You could move about pretty freely and avoid encounters if you wanted to. Another thing was that instead of the typical “us on one side, them on the other” sort of battles employed by the FF games, Chrono Trigger’s battlefield was very dynamic and changing depending on where your party and their opponents moved. This even had an effect on the area of effect of certain attacks and made you be pretty strategic with your battle planning. One of my favorite things had to be the concept of Combination Attacks. Two ready characters could combine attacks for more powerful assaults on enemies and some of them looked really cool. This game also had a relatively smaller roster in comparison to the FF games but each of the characters in Chrono Trigger was incredibly well-developed with regard to their stories and the diversity in the roster is really quite awesome. You literally go from mute kid with red spiky head to sentient robot to frog-person to who knows what. Of course, no discussion of Chrono Trigger is complete without mention of the variable endings. Playing through a single time will net you the usual game flow ending but afterwards, a new option, New Game +, is made available and players have the opportunity to progress through the game, but return to a point where they can challenge the final boss of the game to see how the flow of time in the universe would have changed and been effected had certain things been done and not done. The game tops MANY lists of “Greatest Video Game Ever” because all of it was really quite a mind-blowing experience when it first came out and it still holds up amazingly even now. Definitely worth a pick-up for the rare number of gamers who’ve never played it. 

– Evo out.


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