Day 15 of 31 – Resident Evil 2

Day 15. Yes, I’m playing Diablo III. No, it’s not part of the 31 Days. In the meantime…



As I’ve said previously, I had a Nintendo 64 during that particular generation of the console wars, so I missed out on the original Resident Evil and its successors. I knew from friends and reviews that the games were pretty amazing, so when Resident Evil 2 was ported to the N64 in October of 1999, I jumped at the chance to check it out. I had a pretty rudimentary idea of the story: a city was being besieged by a virus that turned its inhabitants into Zombies, a girl in search of her brother who was the main character of the first game and a cop who was looking to survive the situation he was in. All of these are now widely regarded as set pieces for this particular genre but this game was my first experience with them. When I first dove into the game, I was a little jarred by the control scheme (why is UP always Forward?) but it wasn’t too steep a learning curve and within a few hours, I was dashing around corners and putting the undead down every which way. This was also one of the first games that I ever played that made me jump in fright. I’m serious, when you walk into that interrogation room and that dog comes crashing through the two way mirror? If you tell me you didn’t pee yourself a LITTLE, you’re a dirty liar. Ammo and healing items were in relatively short supply and the game itself had a really eerie feeling to it, like something was going to come out at you even if there was nothing going on anywhere. I look back on this, my first foray into the survival horror genre, with a lot of fond… and frightening memories. It doesn’t quite hold up today as well as it did back then but in my opinion, it really doesn’t need to. It made its impact on me and then some.

– Evo out.


Ah yes, Resident Evil 2. This game was indeed a game that scared me stiff (at the time of course). I remember the ruined streets of Raccoon City and the many zombies “lived” there. This being a horror survival game, I have to say, Capcom did a really awesome job. The feeling of being alone and having to deal with the undead at the same time by yourself, made the game quit thrilling. Of course you did not just fight zombies in this game. You also enemies such as, dogs, birds, Lickers (those b@$t@rds) and just about any advanced type of zombies they can throw at you.
You are also armed with a bunch of guns that you find along the way and herbs, to heal you whenever you take damage (and you will). However, while all that seems pretty simple and such, I can’t say the same for the controls.
SERIOUSLY, when I first started to play the game, it was hard for me to move at first, because I never played a game before, where pointing the control stick up, was the only means of moving forward. Since ammo is very scarce in this game, I usually find myself running most of the time, but when I’m being chased by an enemy that can run and when I have to turn a corner, I have to stop, turn in the direction that I want, wait for my character to finish turning in a clockwise motion and finally resume running. Mostly when I go through this annoying process, I end getting my @$$ handed to me, especially when I’m running from those zombie dogs. All in all, Resident Evil 2 was a great game, but today, it does not live up to the hype of the newer Resident Evil titles, but needless to say, it was one of the titles, that got the franchise to where it is today.

— James B. Boss


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