Day 13 of 31: Goldeneye

Hello everyone and welcome to Day 13.



For those of you who owned an N64, or played games during the 90’s and early 2000’s, should have at least played this game one time. Goldeneye is as you all know, a James Bond film, but later on was adapted into a video game. With that being said, I’m gonna go ahead and say Goldeneye on the N64 was a great game. Usually back in the, FPS games were meant for either the PC, or Playstation consoles, seeing as how N64’s controller did not have a second joystick to navigate the camera. However, the N64’s controller did have the “C” buttons to navigate the camera and at the time, it was just as effective. I remember playing this game nonstop and I always turned the cheats on. Now usually having cheat codes in a game ruins the experience, but in Goldeneye’s case, it did not matter. The cheats in this game were designed to make the game a lot more fun and enjoyable. Such cheat included unlocking all the guns, giving the characters big giant heads, paintball bullets, and invincibility. It’s like this game was designed to be played with the cheats on and to me, that seemed ok. I actually enjoyed playing the game more with the cheats on, instead of being off. The multiplayer mode in this game was extremely fun and sometimes it didn’t matter if you opponent was looking at you side of the screen to find out where you are (WARNING, looking at your opponents side of the screen to find where they are on the map is a dick move. If you’ve been convicted and or have been screen looking, you will be penalized to fullest extent and or, be pummeled to death by thousands of fists to the face.) Of course there is also the awesome story mode that almost follows the movie exactly. Sometimes you play missions by yourself and at other times, you are paired up with the A.I of the character Natalya, who I might add is useless 100% of the time you play missions with her. Every time you are with her, she always gets killed and it can be troublesome at times, especially when you have to keep her alive to even complete the mission. Today, when we talk about FPS games with gamers, they will usually refer to Call of Duty, Battlefield and Halo but when you start talking about Goldeneye, all of those nostalgic memories come crawling out of your head. There are some remakes of the Goldeneye on the Wii and the PS3, but personally, the best experience to have when playing this game, is if you play it on the N64.

— James B. Boss


I played a great many multiplayer rounds of this game with my brother and I can’t help but echo his sentiments for how awesome the game is. The story is flow is one of the most accurate I’ve ever seen in a game based on a movie and the multiplayer was pretty damn close to top-notch for the time. The variety of different cheats and unlockables in the game added a lot of replay value to the title. I still have my N64 kicking around and I will occasionally fire this game up from time to time to give it a play just because I remember how great it was and still is. Sorry for the short blurb but James covered it pretty well up there. 

Oh… and my GOD, Natalya… If I could put a bullet from a Golden Gun into an NPC’s character head from any game, EVER… it’d be HERS.

– Evo out.


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