Day 10 of 31: God of War

Welcome to Day 10! Today we are looking at one of those games that is immediately recognizable to anyone who has been gaming for the past few years. A title so gloriously bloody and ridiculously fun that they have made three Playstation console titles, two PSP titles, and a mobile release of this franchise.



Megan here! To me, God of War = gory goodness. This game is so much fun to play simply because it basically makes you a super powerful demigod whose sole purpose in life is to beat the living crap out of every single being that has screwed him over or that just pisses him off in some way or another. When I first saw previews for this game I was already excited for it. I love games that mix elements of beating the crap out of things with good storylines and alluring characters. Kratos was definitely one of those characters for me. Here is this guy *SPOILERS* that killed his entire family under the will of someone else and now has to deal with the consequences. *END SPOILERS* I couldn’t help but somehow feel like if someone made me do something to that like my family I would do almost the exact same thing that Kratos did (or at least I’d like to think I was that awesome that I could just walk around kicking @$$ and taking names like he does although to be honest I think that my reaction would be more along the lines of crying in a corner for weeks on end). The areas that this game takes the player to are gorgeous. I loved traveling through Athens and the many other areas of this game and seeing the breathtaking views that the God of War team were able to create. Not to mention the characters themselves looked stunning. Nothing gave you the feel of how pissed off Kratos really was until you got a close up of him ripping a Medusa’s head off. Speaking of ripping enemies heads off, the gameplay in God of War was another thing that I really enjoyed. I liked that even though you were ultimately running around and button mashing to beat the enemies running at you, the inclusion of quick time events broke up the gameplay enough that it never felt monotonous or boring. Also, having Kratos climb, fly, jump, and solve puzzles throughout the game also helped keep things exciting. Overall, if you can’t already tell I highly enjoyed this game. Soooo, if (when!) God of War IV comes out, I am ready to get back to playing as one of my favorite guys  that people love to hate and hate to love and show the gods what they have coming to them!

–Megan Highwind has left the party.


I was afraid that we were not going to talk about this title, but it looks like we are… so WIN. Ok, so I’m just going to let it out right now by saying, GOD OF WAR IS BAD@$$! I say this because it was one of the few games at that time that takes its blood and gore content to the next level. When I first saw Kratos rip an enemy in half, I said to myself “holy crap, did he just do that”? Turns out that that was only the tip of the iceberg. Next to come up was, ripping the eye out of a Cyclops’s face, impaling a Hydra’s head through a ship’s mast, killing innocent bystanders just to get orbs and mindlessly murdering assorted Greek Gods and mythical figures. I mean seriously, this game is not at all afraid to show now much pain you can inflict on your enemies, let alone innocent people. The weapons in this game were also a hoot. You get the blades of Athena, the blade of Artemis, and a set number of spells each having to do with a certain Greek God (*cough* Army of Hades was all you needed). You can also upgrade your weapons by collecting red orbs as you progress through the game. You can acquire these red orbs by killing enemies (or innocent people), breaking objects or if you feel up to the task, you can have sex with women. Yeah you heard me, you can upgrade your weapons by getting laid. The puzzles and boss battles were also some of the most awesome points of the game and sometimes the boss battles themselves were like figuring out a puzzle. You couldn’t just go up to the boss’s face and beat it in like you do everything else. Sometimes there was another step to do before you could do any damage at all to the boss and to me, that’s what made this game so much enjoyable. God of War, has indeed left it’s mark in the gaming world. With a beautiful soundtrack, memorable characters and awesome story line, it’s no wonder it has such  a large fanbase. For those of you who would like to check this game out, don’t worry. There so many ways to play this gory masterpiece.

— James B. Boss


One thought on “Day 10 of 31: God of War

  1. I really enjoy the God of War games and the first title is indeed great. The Blade of Atremis is by far one of the best secondary weapons in the whole series, it’s just so much fun and really satisfying to use. Being a huge mtyhology fan this has been a really cool series to me ever since I heard about it. Here’s hoping God of War: Acension will be just as fantastic!


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