Day 8 of 31- The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Hello everyone and welcome to Day 8!

Ok, for those of you who have not played this yet, you are all terrible people. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has got to be one of the most memorable titles I have played in my life. It almost seems like yesterday, when I first purchased my copy and started playing it on the N64. I remember the title screen and how it showed Link ridding his trusty horse Epona across the land of Hyrule, which was really awesome. Then when I started playing the game, my mind was blown by the many wonders this game had. The towns, dungeons, bosses and characters were all a big deal in this game. Sometimes the journey was a little tiring and I wanted to blow off some steam, so at times like this I usually stray from the main objective and decided to fool around by playing in the shooting gallery, Bombchu (yes, exploding mouse bombs) bowling, fishing or collecting every single heart container. This was all enjoyable, until your trusty companion Navi took it upon herself “HEY, LISTEN!”, every single time ANYTHING happened. Another thing that I loved about this game, was that you can have Link his age anytime during the game. Of course you would not be able to use some of your weapons (due to the fact that they are meant for either kid or adult Link), but it was still an enjoyable experience to be able to use different weapons(wait I’m a kid, I can’t use my horse yet… DAMMIT!). All in all, Ocarina of Time was a great video game and it still is today. Today we have a lot of The Legend of Zelda titles to choose from, such as Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, but to this day I still find Ocarina of Time to be better than both of them. I can gladly say that I am able to still play this awesome game, because I have the remastered Gamecube edition, but for those of you who don’t have it and want to play it right now, then I suggest either buying the original, or if you have a Nintendo 3DS, buy it for that. DO AS I COMMAND!!!

–James B Boss

There are two games that I would say made me realize how much I loved gaming and showed me how great games can be. One of those games is Final Fantasy VIII and the other is this game, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I had played the Mario games, Duck Hunt, and other games on other systems before this one, but the Christmas that I got my N64 bundled with Ocarina of Time is by far one of my best memories. I can honestly say that this is one of those games that I sat in front of my tv screen enamored by the music, characters, and story and having to be yelled at by my parents to come up for air or go to bed to actually wake up for school the next day. I was around ten when this game came out and had only been a casual player up to this point. After this, however, I realized how much fun gaming could really be. Needless to say, when I talk about this game nostalgia is the first thing that comes to mind. Everything about this game pushed the envelope for any other game I had played at the time. I had heard of the Playstation but when I saw the Link on the screen riding around on Epona to go and save Zelda from Ganandorf, I knew that the N64 was the system for me. The storyline of the game wasn’t exactly new, but the way it was presented was fresh and exciting. The music in the game fit perfectly for whatever situation Link found himself in. I loved walking around with the ocarina and being able to pull it out whenever I wanted to call on Epona or just to make up my own song. The graphics were above par for the time and looked much better than most of the other games that came out around the same time. Finally, the storyline and characters were able to easily draw players in to make it so that from the first Zelda game to now, people still care about Zelda and Link and what new situations they can be played in. No matter that Ocarina of Time came out almost 14 years ago now, it will always be on the same level as the most graphically enhanced, story enriched, and music saavy games that are yet to come.

– Megan Highwind has left the party.


HEY! LISTEN! HEY! HEY! LISTEN! Oh Navi you annoying piece of !@#$%, you are practically the only part of this game that I did not enjoy. How I wanted to cram you in a glass jar then place it in a microwave. Moving on from fairy murder, I have to say The Legend of Zelda: OOT is one of my top ten most played games. For some reason I play this game over and over again.  Hell, later in life I even bought a used N64 for twenty dollars, when I found the game it was worth more than the system, but I bought it anyway. Ocarina of time covered vast landscapes and was just a generally fun game, the music was iconic and for the time the graphics were pretty dang great. To this day I remember how to play most of the songs in the game. Recently Ocarina came out on the 3ds, and I have to say the port is fantastic, I swear even Navi seems to have shut up a bit. Overall it’s a great game, if you haven’t played it give it a shot, if you have played it play it again. There are things to be learned from this classic and you would be a better person to take these to heart. The first being: Never light a zombie on fire, for then you are just fighting a pissed off flaming zombie. The second being NEVER EVER MESS WITH CHICKENS!

-Ninja Vanish!!-


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