Day 7 of 31 – Super Mario Sunshine


Good Afternoon ladies and gents.I humbly apologize for the late post but as it was an epic Avengerific weekend, I do hope you would as they say, cut me some slack. Moving forward that takes me to today’s micro review of Super Mario Sunshine. What can I say really, it was a Mario game, of course, it was available on Gamecube (despite what anyone says I still want one… if only to play this game and Luigi’s Mansion) and it was fun. Alas, it has been too long since I have played, and details seem to be escaping my once capable brain. Super Mario Sunshine was not the greatest of the franchise, but in my professional opinion the game had a lot of heart. It had that factor where despite how frustrated I got with trying to accomplish something I would keep at it until I bested the game. That particular feature I find lacking in many of the games of today. I liken this game to a day at the beach, as the game takes place on a tropical island it gives that warm fuzzy feeling you get from drinking margaritas in the sunshine during the summer. Or maybe that is actually just the margaritas talking… Who knows at this point?  All in all Super Mario Sunshine was a fun quirky game and I enjoyed it. If you haven’t given it a shot, go out locate a Gamecube and have at it. Do it… DO IT NOW!

-Ninja Vanish!!-


It looks like I’m not the only one who played this underrated title … which is awesome. It is true that Super Mario Sunshine was in fact, a super fun game. I remember using the Super Soaker known as F.L.U.D.D (also known as Flash, Liquidizer, Ultra, Dousing, Device, yeah I know the acronym, so what, wanna fight about it?) and washing away all the gross neon colored looking slime in every level. Thought at times it kinda got boring, because it seemed that all you would do in the later levels was to go around and clean this stuff up, making Mario look more like an mustached Mr. Clean instead of the badass plumber we all know him as. However, there were a select few missions that didn’t require you to use F.L.U.D.D and I found them to be both challenging and fun (mostly challenging). Like the previous 3D Mario title, you have to collect a certain amount of stars to progress through the game, but instead of the iconic star, you have to collect Shine Sprites, though honestly they both look very similar to one another. Super Mario Sunshine also includes Yoshi (who is my favorite Nintendo character if I might add), but you don’t get to use him by hitting a block. Here, you have to find his egg and bring him the fruit he is thinking of. After you do that, he hatches out of his egg and you can finally hop on his back and enjoy the brief peaceful moments of not walking for awhile. The downside to Yoshi in this game, is that he can’t swim and he has a fruit meter (yes a fruit meter, it can’t get any fruitier than that). Super Mario Sunshine was indeed a crazy adventure. It may have its moments of frustration, but it was still an enjoyable game. If I still had this wacky title, I would pop it in my Nintendo Wii anytime. Now if you;ll excuse me, I need to start hunting on eBay and Amazon for this memorable title.

— James B. Boss


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