Day 6 of 31 – Marvel Super Heroes

You knew it had to happen. This is Day Six and (surprise surprise) we’re going to be spotlighting a fighting game. However, it’s one that tends to surprise a lot of people when I say it’s one of my favorites.



With the release of Street Fighter x Tekken, the idea of something like activated gems in-game had become a topic that was relevant to fighting games. While it’s not EXACTLY the same principle, gems had already been done (quite possibly before it was cool) several years earlier in a little game called Marvel Super Heroes. If I remember correctly, this game came out a little after the other popular Marvel-based fighting game at the time, X-Men: Children of the Atom. The game had a pretty loose basis on the Infinity Gauntlet storyline from the comics and the newer characters (save for a few returning ones from X-Men: CotA) reflected the new story. The crazy attacks, absurd jumping height and super moves aside, Marvel Super Heroes introduced a system where players could earn gems from enemy characters and activate them for certain battle enhancements for a short period of time. For a long time, this game was only available in arcades until it was later ported to the PlayStation and Sega Saturn. At that point (1997, I think it was) I was firmly in Nintendo 64 town so I didn’t get my hands on the ports until much later but a LARGE portion of any and all quarters I could accrue went into the arcade version of this game. It’s where I first learned how to do chaining, air combos and all the other things that would later become conventions in Capcom/Marvel fighters and I gladly still fire it up when I get a chance even to this day. 

– Evo out.


You know, knowing my brother, I thought for SURE this’d be Killer Instinct instead of Marvel Super Heroes but oh well, I know this game better anyway. It not being Killer Instinct aside, this game is pretty bad@$$.  Back in the day, it was the first fighting game that I played that had such crazy mobility options, weird characters and a sort of dial-up combo system that I quite like even now. Since I’m STILL a Marvel/Capcom licensed fighting game fan, playing this game really helped set the pace for what the upcoming games in the series were going to be like, since I didn’t play any bit of X-Men: Children of the Atom. I thought the gems were cool and the whole tie to the Infinity Gauntlet comics was something that really stuck with me. I remember how it was kind of a pain in the @$$ to let your opponent get his hands on one of your gems since they’d usually use it and abuse its effect… I mean HUMAN players did that too but it was more irritating coming from the AI. Two last personal notes before I wrap this up:

• I’m a Spider-Man fan. Being able to use him in a fighting game was awesome.
• Thanos is a jerk… swiping my gems… what a punk. 

— James B. Boss


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