Day 5 of 31 – Pokemon Blue/Red

Hey everyone, welcome to day five.

Pokemon Red and Blue was basically THE game of my childhood. Being able to travel an entire region and imprison  innocent creatures for the purposes of battling all sorts of trainers was great experience. I remember traveling through forests, pitch-black caves and seas to get from one place to another but the true awesome memorable part of the games was being able to catch different sorts of Pokemon. Even though both games play exactly the same, both versions have Pokemon that unique only to their version of the game. True, it was indeed a pain in the butt to get all one-hundred and fifty Pokemon (no, NOT 151… I was no Gamesharker), but once you did it, you we’re considered the Man (or Woman). In the process of catching them all, you had to go through a time-consuming process of training your Pokemon but it was worth it in the end, especially when it came to battling the gym leaders and the FREAKING Elite Four. I remember going through hell and back facing those guys, and by the time I reached the end, it was a rewarding moment. People would think that a game like Pokemon with the same type of gameplay would die after twelve years, but as you can see, it hasn’t.

— James B. Boss

OK, let’s be honest, the internet being what it is these days, almost ANYTHING Pokemon related = ratings of some form, so I was a little gun shy about putting this on the list but frankly, Pokemon is one of those games that came out that I NEVER expected to put as much time into as I was initially thinking. However, it stormed right on in and appealed to every bit of my overly meticulous (as it pertains to video games) nature. The idea of having to “catch ’em all” was one thing but the fact that I could also use “them all” to beat the faces of my friends in PvP play was something I thought was ridiculously fun. Then there’s all the little nuances like typing, elemental resistances and weaknesses, attack lineups, training methods and the like that just add to the whole experience and add a little more depth to the whole thing. Finally, there’s the cast of characters and by this, I don’t mean any of the human characters in the game. Sure the main character, Gym Leaders, Team Rocket and all the rest are interesting but what really makes these Pokemon games are the Pokemon themselves… all 4211092730123 (I think that’s the size of the Pokedex now?) of them. They all have their little quirks in how they react, fight and look. As Mr. Boss up there mentioned, at this point in time, Pokemon has become a pretty formulaic game but why fix what’s broken? It still draws thousands of fans young and old and personally, it’s still as fun for me now as it was all those years ago. Now, let’s put aside our differences and use these imprisoned creatures in battle!

-Evo out.


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