Day 4 of 31 – Fallout 3

It’s Fallout FRIDAY!! Wooo! Yeah!

People of the Capital Wasteland, it is I Jessica Valentine, your ruler! Hear me and obey! No seriously obey me… Just kidding. Fallout 3 was the much anticipated sequel to guess what? Fallout 1 and 2 and the ever-so-slightly lesser known Fallout: Tactics. Personally I love this game, from Megaton to Tenpenny Tower to giant fire ants and deathclaws, this game makes me lose myself for hours at a time. I could ramble on for hours about the wacky and wild situations that I have gotten into during my journey through the Capital Wasteland, but I rather not bore you with the tales of a worn out adventurer.  Moving back to why I love this game ever-so-much, the soundtrack as well as the voice acting was spot on. Although the character models left something to be desired with their blank dead stares as they spoke.  Creepy…

Moving onward with the tour, that brings me tooo… uhh… brain fart.. umm… PERKS! Oh yes.. the perk system. After all what is a brief review of Fallout without discussing one’s favorite perks. If you ask me, perhaps the two perks that I simply would not go without are Bloody Mess, (C’mon would you expect any less) annnnnnd Mysterious Stranger, because who doesn’t want a badass appearing out of nowhere and straight murdering whatever is in front of you only to mysteriously vanish into thin air without a word. Here is an interesting bit of trivia that I discovered my very first time I played the game. Apparently if you use the Black Widow perk on Burke when you first meet him in Megaton later in the game he will send you love letters whist at the same time be taking out contracts to kill you with the Talon Company. (I like to think that he is gifting me with sorta nice armor every time he sends them) Alright now, I have rambled on for too long. well… Thanks for listening, chiiillldren! This is Jessica Valentine, and you’re reading We’re Radio Free Wasteland, and we’re here… for you.

-Ninja Vanish!!-

Wow. OK, I have absolutely NO way to follow that heavy dose of epic. Like, in a literal sense. I mean, I played Fallout 3 for a grand total of MAYBE two days and I didn’t get all that much done other than going through and making ghost towns of small, inhabited townships, seeing how close I could get to a Super Mutant before I pissed him off and trying to see how many Nuka Colas I could drink in the span of a few minutes. Sadly, I didn’t get too much into the game for a few reasons (chief among them is the fact that I’m a terrible person). Part of the problem was that I approached it as a traditional FPS (having never played any of the other games in the series) so a lot of the things in the game were jarring to me (damn V.A.T.S.) and it just sorta caught me off guard. That was then though. Nowadays, I think I’m definitely considering giving it a re-run through for any and all of the reasons she listed above. Serious, I mean how do you argue with ANY of that?

*Spoiler: You can’t!* [DAMN RIGHT you can’t… -Jess]

-Evo out


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