Day 2 of 31 – Super Metroid

We now arrive at Day 2 of our cavalcade of awesome gaming. This time around, we’re going back a little bit to the year 1994 when a magical little machine called the Super Nintendo was entertaining gamers all around the world with its fantastic and very robust library of games. Today’s game is widely considered as one of the best of that library.

When I think of Super Metroid, I think of a huge sprawling adventure game in an alien world with crazy weapon, Space Pirates and a quest to rescue an intergalactic jellyfish.  There is of COURSE, much more to this game than just that. First of all, it’s got one of the most amazing intros and intro stages I’ve ever seen in a video game to this day and certainly more so back then. The game begins with main character and pioneer for gender equality in video games Samus Aran re-telling the events of the first two Metroid games and setting up the events of this adventure. Planet Zebes is a forbidding landscape with numerous natural hazards and dozens of critters that want nothing more than to see you dead… not unlike the continent of Australia. One of the things that always stuck out to me while playing Super Metroid back then and now is just how eerie a feeling you get as you make your way through the planet as you search for the kidnapped larval Metroid. At the outset, the planet is quiet and and not exactly a hotbed of activity but once you complete a few story objectives and pick up some power-ups, the music starts to kick in and everything just seems to get a whole lot more inhospitable to Ms. Aran. Other things that I remember fondly are the fantastic boss fights and what has to be one of my top 10 personal final confrontations (and plot twists) ever programmed into a gaming cartridge. The game also showcases the then “eye-popping” Mode 7 graphics mode to make things look much more intense and engaging with the ever-changing environments and spacecraft movement. Combined with a memorable soundtrack and well-developed story and Super Metroid ends up being one of the breakout stars of the SNES library, which is NO easy feat considering the sheer number of stellar titles that we being produced for the console.

– Evo out.

My turn! I was VERY young when I first played this game so I don’t remember many specifics of the actual layout, I still remember how much fun it was to play. I recall  taking control of Samus Aran and exploring the maze-like map of planet Zebes and always getting frustrated when getting to a  point where I seemingly couldn’t progress any further without either getting or going crazy.  It was very tedious to a point but that was because the game is actually challenging you so that no matter how hopeless the situation seemed, there was always a way out. I also remember the challenging (and freaking massive) bosses that you encountered in the game and the hell they would put you through. Hell, you couldn’t even heal during these fights and that only made it harder but after you defeat a boss in the game, you would take a moment to reflect on how you survived that fight. I know I did and I surprised myself every time I killed one of the bosses in this game. I also loved how you can upgrade Samus’s suit and blaster, which in return, gave you more options on how to kill your enemies and how to get past certain points in the game. Super Metroid was a title that I personally enjoyed playing on the SNES. It was a difficult game at first, but once I buckled down and dared myself to traverse even further into the dark depths of Planet Zebes, I found the experience to be fantastic. If I still had a way of playing this masterpiece, I would do so right now to revisit that nostalgic adventure I had playing this ga… oh wait. I have Virtual Console… 🙂

– James B. Boss


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