Day 1 of 31 – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Welcome to Day 1 of our 31 Days of Gaming event. I’ll TRY to keep it light on the fluff, as this is a game that damn near everyone has played and had something to say about. It was for the most part, critically lauded aside from a few glaring issues and (in the case of the PS3) constant updates that seemed to make things worse but as a whole, the game swooped in and redefined the term “epic”.



So, I knew going in to the whole review gig that this was going to be a HUGE title and as such, I wanted to write it up. However, having NEVER played a previous game in the “The Elder Scrolls” series, I figured I was going to be at either a serious handicap or in a prime position to give a review based solely through eyes of a newcomer. Either way, I embraced the uncertainty and Skyrim ended up being one of the most crazy-epic gaming experiences I’ve had in modern times. As a younger guy, I used to be able to sit and just CONSUME video games in single sittings. When Final Fantasy III for the SNES came out, I sat literally for two whole days just playing and playing, as the game had me so hopelessly hooked that I had lost all concept of time and understanding of the importance of bodily functions. Not since then have I had a game come along and rope me in the way Skyrim did. The world is immense and simultaneously beckoning and threatening, the story is compelling, the amount of quests available is dizzying (which can be seen as both good AND bad) and the dragons… OH, the damn Dragons. You’d think that to someone who played RPG’s in a time where random encounters was how things were done, the idea of walking around, barely winning my fights against errant bandits and bears ONLY to have a giant foreboding shadow streak along the ground accompanied by a loud screeching roar was something what wouldn’t have phased me. I thought so too… and was quite wrong. The first time that shadow cast, it filled me with an anticipation for the fight to come and a pretty serious case of the shakes. It’s definitely a game that stuck with me even after I turned off the console but the myriad issues that plagued the PS3 version (I know, I know!) made it a bit of a chore. Those things aside though, it was still a really fun and engaging-as-hell game to play.

-Evo out.


–Jessica IN!

Happy brain tumor awareness month everybody! Well that was a tad bit more morbid than I would have like to have started. Anyyyywwwhhooo I thoroughly enjoyed The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim when it first arrived in my life on 11/11/11.  Oh how I awaited that day more so than well I don’t know, but I was really looking forward to it. From the start I enjoyed the killing of dragons to the killing of innocent civilians. ALL THE KILLINGS, but soon my attention drifted away as most often times it does.  A varied adventure as Skyrim is, at times I found myself bored of the hours of crafting or alchemy. Those skills though necessary to leveling up and crafting bad@$$ items I found rather dull and mind numbing, but hey that’s just me. Another thing that I might just be alone on is that I actually enjoyed some of the rather colorful bugs that came along with the game. Don’t get me wrong I hated the game destroying lag, but loved it when a giant supersmashed me into OUTER SPACE.  All in all the graphics were good the music was great, and the story was fulfilling enough. It made the Jessica happy for a time. Perhaps I shall revisit the land sometime soon, and perhaps with that visit I will rekindle the dragon flame that once burned inside me. For now I say meh. Good day sir.

–Ninja Vanish


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