Announcement! The 31 days of Gaming

What’s good, everyone? Joshua Evo back again with a couple of announcements and things of note. Firstly, I hope you all have been enjoying the sudden influx of content in the form of Jessica’s awesome stories and rants (seriously, that game was a chore to find but it made for a great story) and my review of Journey. With the sudden surge of content, it’s understandable if you’ve had the slightly ominous feeling that something is coming… If do, you are 100% correct.

As foretold by the greatest prophet of our time.

In her story, Jessica alluded to the fact that my hunt for her game was a birthday present. What you all may not know is that my birthday is the same month as hers. At the risk of losing my youthful credibility, I’d like to reveal that I’ve just turned 31 years old. What does this have to do with anything? Well, it’s also the exact number of days in the month of May. As such, we here at Disk Read Error have decided to spotlight a video game for each day of the month by offering our thoughts and opinions on it for your reading pleasure. At the end of the 31 days, we’ll pose the question to you, the readers, as to which of the listed games was your favorite game. Answers can be left for us in the comment section of the final post but don’t be shy about sharing your own thoughts and opinion on the games we spotlight as we go along. Additionally, since there are four of us working on this blog, it’s inevitable that we’ll all have different tastes in games and will most certainly not have played all the same games each other has played, so for the most part, only those of us who’ve played the featured game will offer thoughts so you may not see something from all four of us on every single day. We have quite a few of these “xx days of xx” in store, so I hope you guys enjoy it!

Pictured: NOT what this project is.

So with that said, we kick off the 31 days starting tomorrow! Be sure to follow/share/reblog/retweet and otherwise get the word out to everyone about this project as we’re going to have fun with it and would rather like to include you all in on it since we’re all gamers here. To close, I’d also like to let everyone know that I’m on the social gaming website Raptr as JoshuaEvo so feel free to add me there if you’re on there and if not, you should definitely check them out. I also have a shoutout for Mark and his crew over at this blog thumbACTIVE. It’s billed as a “Video Game Opinion Blog by 90’s Kids with Thumbs”. You should definitely check them out at the link I provided here and over in the sidebar. They’ve got some great content and solid production value and are most definitely worth your time.

With that said, I hope everyone had a good month and hang tight until we get Day 1 of 31 started tomorrow!

— Evo out.


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