The One Man Fellowship, A Quest, A Journey, An Epic. Part Deux

As promised here is my next installment of the saga. Continuing from where we left off.. Read part one again if you are lost. Actually just read part 1 again. Well what are you waiting for? Enjoy.

Wait… No he wasn’t. Again, about to exit the complex he realized that he had forgotten something vital, something he needed to obtain the game: his wallet. “!@#$%^&*” he cursed louder, this time turning the car around yet again and stormed back into the house. He grabbed his wallet angrily and walked outside yet again. As the door was swinging shut about to close, he spotted something shiny on the washing machine, something oddly shaped like his keys. “OH !@#$%^&” he exclaimed thrusting his poor pinky finger in between the door and the frame knowing full well that if that door shut he would be locked out and all would be for naught.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” he cried as a sharp pain shot through his finger. Pushing the door open and grabbing his keys as he shook out the pain in his finger. Laughing slightly as he rubbed his hand, he thought to himself  “The things I put myself through…” and finally with that last thought he was finally on his merry way.

Last known photograph of Evo’s front door.

Surprisingly, traffic was light that fateful Tuesday and Evo was making good time. After about an hour he was halfway to his destination and he finally began to settle down. This alerted him to the fact he was still wearing his Superman pajama bottoms and an old “Hadouken” Heineken T-shirt. “Great… I look like such trash” he thought to himself as he reached into the backseat to grab a hoodie sweatshirt. Not  five minutes passed when he was struck with another thought, a very unpleasant thought. “Bank account!” Rapidly, he grabbed his phone and checked his balance… $62.41. Relieved, he put his phone down and continued on his brave quest. Just another hour to go and he would have his prize.

How is that a prize? It’s just a !@#$% carboard b… wait I can make a fort now? HELL YEAH

He arrived at the game store around noon, plenty of time to spare. After parking, he gleefully strolled into the store and right up to the counter. “May I help you?” the clerk behind the counter asked. “Yes.” Evo replied. “I am here to pick up the copy of  Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked for the 3DS that was being held for me.” The clerk typed something into the computer. “Yeah, we don’t have that here.” Evo panicked. “What? You sold it already!? I was told it was being held for me!” The clerk chuckled slightly. “I think you just got the wrong store. You probably want the store in a strip mall across town.” Evo blinked as if in disbelief. “Figures…” he shrugged and asked for directions. Checking the time he winced as he didn’t know the area that well and time was now working against him. Returning to his car, he was soon once again on his way.

The clock read 12:30 PM when Evo pulled into the parking lot of the strip mall. Taking no chances, he hastily parked and nearly jogs into the store. Once again, he walked straight up to the counter but this time not even allowing time for a greeting he says “I am here to pick up the copy of  Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked for the 3DS”. The clerk looks up at him confused. Evo’s heart sinks just a little. The clerk taps away on the keyboard of the computer. “We don’t have a copy but the game store in the mall right across the way does.” “!@#$” Evo curses under his breath and storms out of the store. Looking at the mall, he realizes he doesn’t have much time and certainly not enough to find a parking spot and navigate the mall in order to find the store. In that moment he realized what he must do… he must run!

Despite this, he ran. He ran SO far away.

And run he did. He did not wait for signals to cross, nor did he care. He couldn’t have come all this way for nothing and nothing would stop him now. The mall, a looming, daunting monstrosity of consumerism lay before him. Which entrance did he want? Which one would put him the closest to his destination? Which door he chose could lead to success or utter failure. Evo would not be defeated. Charging ahead, he chose the closest entrance to him. Upon entering and looking around, he saw to his delight, that glorious beacon that was the game store directly in front of him. “Oh thank GOD!” he whispered, running out of breath as he ran that last 20 yards into the store.

Will our hero succeed? Will he ever get his prize? Tune in next time. Same bat-time same bat channel.


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