Geniuses at… well, it’s not exactly “work”…

What’s good, readers?

As you may (or may not have noticed, depending on who is actually reading this) the DRE crew has largely been absent for a pretty long time. I wish I could say that it was because we were refining what we do here, working out sponsorship and partnership deals, procuring funding so that we’re able to serve up all of the same great content you all know and love(?) but that’d make me a pretty crappy liar since in reality, things just come up that demand our attention with a somewhat increased urgency. We swear, there’s no ulterior motive or sinister explanation to give other than that.

Pictured: “Increased urgency”

In reality, school and new jobs have started up for some of us and it’s a little tough to keep the pace while having little to no money. The game review gig doesn’t pay all that well at the beginning, kids, and we’re constantly trying to find LEGAL ways to circumvent the whole “having to pay for our own review materials” most of the time so as such, reviews have tapered off a bit.  In non-virtual land, Jessica and I are gearing up for a pretty significant summer trip to a place many of you in Nerd Kingdom have heard of and a lot of our fundage is directed in that, um, direction. While it’s primarily intended as a vacation of sorts, we DO plan to keep our ears and eyes open for news and other assorted bits of coverage to take in and then to report on to the blog for all to consume.  So fret not, dear readers, you guys are great but we just needed to spend some time apart. It’s nothing either of us did and if anything, it could be good for us in the long run. We always said that if it was meant to be, we’d see each other again, right?

Okay, enough with the break up melodrama.

As far as gaming goes, we’ve been going pretty light but as you all know, there HAVE been some significant announcements and amounts of drama in most of the gaming communities. Oh, Diablo III Release Date, FGC Sexual Harassment and Mass Effect 3 ending… where WOULD our lives be without you? At any rate, we WILL be back with new content very soon, starting with my review next week of a quirky little PSN game with an epic title that is ALL the rage right now. So from all of us here… thanks again and pardon our dust! 🙂

— Evo out.


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