Jessica Valentine and The Temple of Unfinished Games.

Good day boys and girls, gather near for I have a tale you may like to hear. Okay enough of the prose, it’s tiring. Now onward! I used to be a perfectionist. A completionist, even. Yet, recently it has come to my attention that times have changed. Sitting down one dark and stormy evening, I gazed upon the heaps and piles of games I own. Some were bought on a whim after hearing good things, others obtained after months of pining. Most, if not all of these treasures uncompleted or hell, never even opened. I don’t think there is anything wrong with having a few (and by few I mean many) games to fall back on for a rainy day, right? I mean I enjoy playing games, so why oh why do I never seem to finish them?

When I was younger, I would complete almost every single game I could get my hands on to 100% and in those days, it usually involved cheat codes and game secrets that were unlocked after hours of blood, sweat and tears.  Completing a game to 100% was an accomplishment, something for one to take pride in that you had bested the game in every way possible. Where has that mentality gone? Personally, I believe the problem is in the games themselves. The rewards for finding 400 hidden relics or 1,000,000 whatcha-ma-callits are just not worth the time. Could the trophy/achievement system to be to blame? Or it is that tedious daunting tasks are the new mini game? Maybe I am just too old for this $%!^.

Do I really have to say it?

The last game I finished just the story for was Batman: Arkham City. Sorry to say boys and girls but I was disappointed. The main story was too short, it also felt lacking in any real complexity.  The side quests (to me) were not exactly what I call fun either. Running all the way across the map to find a ringing phone? Ugh… can’t someone else get it? Searching for the Riddler trophies also got tedious; especially since you couldn’t easily switch back and forth between Catwoman and Batman.  All in all, because I felt there was no joy to be found in the side quests I turned to the story to engage me, and it just didn’t fill the void in my yearning heart.

The thought has crossed my mind that may be expecting too much, I might just be easily distracted, or maybe I just want more actual content for my money. Who knows? I can’t even bring myself to 100% Lego games anymore. I love Lego games (I see you laughing) but seriously, with my backlog being what it is one would think I would set aside some time trouble and effort to chop down what seems to be an ever growing list.

You said you’d complete me…

But alas, there are other more sinister options; I could sell my unfinished/un-started games. However, I love my games. I treasure them, all still in their original cases collecting dust in front of my console. For some reason I can’t bring myself to sell a game that I have not completed for fear that once it leaves my possession I will feel the urge to play it again.  I suppose getting a GameFly account might work out more in my favor.

So tell me boys and girls do you keep the games you put on the back burner? Do you sell them? Or do you watch as you hopelessly fall further and further behind as more and more games you want to play come out and pile on top of your slowly crushed soul?

Jessica OUT!

-Ninja Vanish-


2 thoughts on “Jessica Valentine and The Temple of Unfinished Games.

  1. I almost never sell my games because I know that some day I’ll want to go back and replay them. It’s comforting to me to know that I can come back to all the various games I own whenever I want and never having to worry about rental times or re-buying games I used to own.
    Now I can sometimes start playing too many games at once so I usually try to limit myself to three or four titles because anymore than that starts to feel like work. (And games should be all about having fun!)
    Another good article Jessica!


    • Thankies for the compliment! Although I have the attention span of a fluffy peanut sometimes, I made great strides in finishing a game this weekend, although I didn’t get all the trophies yet I managed to 100% Lego Harry Potter Years 1 -4. It feels good to finally complete something.


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