Battle of the Sexes: My Professional Opinion

This is my first post and as a female gamer, I feel the need to speak up about the debate of sexism in video games. I have years of industry experience and over time have developed a refined opinion on the matter. That opinion just happens to be I DO NOT CARE! That’s right you heard it here first. I am neither here nor there on the issue. People just need to stop whining and enjoy the games for what they are… games.

Now I am not in any way shape or form endorsing sexism. It just happens to be my belief that the whole debate has gone, for lack of a better term, bananas.  Yes, I understand that most console video games traditionally are targeted at a male audience. Does that mean the games I like are things like “Little Princesses Sing at Ponies”? No, I happen to like explosions and gunfire. As I often say, the bloodier the better. In fact, my favorite perk in the Fallout series is Bloody Mess; nothing makes me happier than to see a Raider randomly explode upon death.

Do I enjoy a strong female lead? Yes. Do I need one in every single game? No.

That all being said I don’t want to cause a huge flame war.  The debate feels old and tired and has been beaten to death at least 100 times. Games are not real life, games are meant to be enjoyed. As for me, I just don’t care anymore.  Enjoy the war and best of luck to you. I’m just going to keep gaming and mind my own business.

On that note

Jessica… OUT

-Rides off on her magical rainbow farting unicorn-

What? Doesn’t every girl have one?

5 thoughts on “Battle of the Sexes: My Professional Opinion

  1. As someone who has worked in the industry as long as you, I agree. How about we all shut up, and play games? I think the real issue is maturity. Too many of the people that play games, whatever their age, are immature. My only real complaint, is the language used in games, and how woman are portrayed in games, and how that affects the immature minds of all ages. Other than that, who cares!

    P.S. Bloody Mess is an awesome perk.


    • Thanks for the feedback! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and really when it boils down to it you can get over something that slightly annoys to enjoy something greater or you can let it ruin it for you. And yes Bloody Mess is AMAZING 😉


      • You said it. People love to complain or start something in SOME form or another. Everyone needs to shut up and just PLAY!


  2. I also agree with you Jessica. It seems like people sometimes forget that video games are created so that you can have fun playing them, not debating which game is more “hardcore” and such.

    This was a great first post Jessica! Awesome job!


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